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Objective of Export

The primary objective of  PKEXIM is to promote create awareness &  dissemination of knowledge about the export & import among the manufacturers and  merchant traders. Exports have gradually picked up pace after the effects of covid- 19.The new FTP policy after the effects of Covid19 can lend an impetus to India’s foreign trade and have assisted the MSME sector in boosting Exports & Imports. PKEXIM will work in phased manner to address export constraints and co operational frame work to reduce transaction cost through developments and utility infrastructures ,e-commerce Exports

As a start-up PKEXIM will strive hard to address the challanges of the global trade environment in the light  of the new FTP(2021-26).The focus will be on the identified MSME sectors like Handicrafts of the North-East states  and the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka  made out of Cane & Bamboo  and the woven Handloom industry known for their unique designs and finesse which demonstrates the diversity and richness of India.     

PKEXIM Vision is to create economic opportunity for every aspirants of exporters as producer or a merchant exporter  after imparting on-line  & off- line export-import practical traning .The long term vision of the company is to make India a major player in the world trade ,firstly by making awareness among the producers and merchant traders about the importance of Export –Import  in easy language and and its technicality  by demonstration after doing export –import business

PKEXIM is run by a visionary R.K.karmshil ,The NLMT(National Level Master Trainer) of  IIIDEM ,A wing of  ECI –Election Commission of India,NewDelhi ,having a long span of administrative experience as an officer of the Government of Bihar. It’s Head office is in Patna,the capital of Bihar-the land where Lord Budha got inlightment and it had a rich cultural and economic traditions .Vascodegama and Megasthenes   visited the ancient India having its capital in Bihar known for Nalanda and Vikramshila University.Bihar has a glorious past and have one of the ancient Republic of Lichchavi in Vaishli.The gloden period of India ,the Gupta period had a flourishing  trade and commerce with the world. It’s now time for the revival  and PKEXIM  will add a new feather after redefining the Export- Impot in a simple and rustic language of a comman artisan,producers and  aspiring merchant exporters.

India being the spice hub of the world has alway concerted efforts to spice up the world.As spice is a complete consumption item largely utilized in culinary preparation or seasoning of food products.Since the time immemorial India has been a front runner in the race for spices.PKEXIM boost of a wide range of spices and whole spices has added name among of India.Since its inception in the year 2021 ,the endeavour  of PKEXIM  have been focused on providing the finest spices of Tamil Nadu,Kerala,Karnataka and frm the Noth Eastern states Assam,Meghlaya of,Manipur,Nagaland,Tripuraa & Arunachal .Cadmon,Saffron,Cinnamon, Black pepper,cloves Turmeric ,mint ,Garlic ,Ginger ,Red chilly etc are some of the names of the Indian flavoured spices. Finnest collection of HONEY from the Godsland.Utarakhand filled in the decorative Terracotta potteries of Rajasthan enhances the taste of potential exporters inspired by the emerging Company PKEXIM  with its business Brand name:-KA_BA Export Products

During ancient times spiced dyed garments were prepared and Exported to China and Mesopotamia .A piece of cloth adequate to cover the entire body of Queen Victoria Iwas packed in a match box  and sent to her.The finished product is organic ,completly free of synthetic chemicals and Bio-degrable.
PKEXIM Deals in all kinds of ready to wear cotton clothing for men ,womem,girls & kids. woven with eco friendly sustainable fabrics manufactured in different parts  of Indian sub- continent.Tassar silk of Assam.Bhagalpuri silk of Bihar,Karnataka  and Maharashrian silk  sarees and cloths  are very popular names in clothings and  have International recogination. Manipur,Nagaland & Assam woven wears with the  unique yarn adds the tastefully filled coloured  basket of PKEXIM.

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